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Uber ride-sharing comes to Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – Uber, a ride-sharing company that allows car owners and drivers to take passengers for a fee has been launched in Sri Lanka.

"At Uber, every city that we launch outperforms its predecessor and we expect nothing less from Colombo," the company said in a statement.

"In fact, for months now, we know that demand for Uber has been rapidly growing as more and more people and visitors are opening up the Uber app and trying to request rides in cities across Sri Lanka."

Uber said with over a million credit cards and over 20 percent of the population on smart phones, its services are expected to grow rapidly in Sri Lanka.

"We bring our global technology, expertise and best practices in the on-demand mobility space, coupled with the hyperlocal knowledge of the local operations team in the city," the firm said.

"Uber brings a plethora of benefits to the cities it operates in and Colombo is no different."

Uber is a disruptive business process which can challenge established taxi companies and better utilize resources and capacity.

However some governments driven by vested interests had tried to stop people from adopting Uber, like they in earlier ages tried to stop supermarkets in favour of small shops, and mass producing factories against artisans.

Uber had also generated some public relations setbacks in Western nations.





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