Unemployment found lower in Sri Lanka agriculture areas

ECONOMYNEXT – Unemployment is lower in Sri Lanka’s agricultural areas than in urbanised districts, according to labour market surveys done by the Department of Census and Statistics, an official said.

“It is in the predominantly agricultural districts like Monaragala that we find less unemployed people,” said Chandanee Wijebandara, Statistician of the Department of Census and Statistics.

“That’s because there are more economic opportunities in these areas,” she told a forum.

Female labour force participation is also high in those districts, surveys by the department have found.

Sri Lanka has a working age population of 16.5 million of which 8.8 million or 53.3 percent are economically active in the labour force, Wijebandara said.

Those not in the labour force and considered economically inactive number 7.7 million or 46.7 percent of the working age population.

The potential labour force – those not in the labour force but have shown some interest in having a job – are about 243,401, Wijebandara said.  (Colombo/October 21 2015)

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