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UNP accuses govt of slashing CKD allowance

The main opposition United National Party (UNP) accused the government of discontinuing an allowance paid to chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.

UNP MP Rohini Wijerathna told reporters today that the Rs 5,000 allowance, initiated by the UNP-led Yahapalana government, is now paid only to patients undergoing dialysis treatment.

“A majority of kidney patients are reported from Laggala-Pallegama, Wilgamuwa and Yatawatta areas. In Wilgamuwa alone, I believe one person in three families is a kidney patient. There were nearly 3,000 kidney patients when it was last counted. Our government gave these patients an allowance, which has now been slashed,” she said.

“I’m sorry to say that kidney patients across the country are now in danger”, she added.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health was unavailable for comment.

Wijerathna said the government has also stopped an allowance paid to pregnant women.

“Under our government, we gave a ‘Poshana Malla’ food allowance of Rs 2,000 for pregnant ladies over a period of ten months out of concern for the health of unborn children,” said the MP.

“We see some [government MPs] are distributing basins looking to gain votes in the [upcoming parliamentary elections instead] when an allowance for pregnant mothers has been stopped,” she added.

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