UNP cannot win without the support of minority parties – Hirunika

United National Party (UNP) backbencher Hirunika Premachandra says the UNP cannot win the presidential elections nor can it go forward without the support of the minority groups who were with the party.

Addressing a press conference held at Temple Trees this morning (27), Premachandra stressed that the party leaders should immediately discuss the way forward with pro –UNP parties and by failing to do so, UNP may lose their support.

“Had the minor party leaders not been with the Prime Minister during the 52-day conspiracy, we couldn’t have defeated it. Many people have forgotten about that. They didn’t leave UNP although they were offered a big sum of money. Just imagine what could have happened if one of those party leaders went to the opposition with six or seven members. The Government could have fallen We cannot go on this journey without them. Therefore we have to discuss with them otherwise they will be disillusioned,” the MP said.

Commenting further, the MP said that the majority of parties who represent different ethnicities stand with UNP even at present.

“Some of the members of the party are going the wrong way and they even want us to do the same. The backbenchers face inconveniences because of this. Therefore I request the party leaders to have a round of talks with all pro UNP parties and make a decision with their support. SLPP only has small, insignificant political parties supporting them, but most of the other political parties who have a number of voters stand with us,” the MP added.

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