UNP couldn’t execute its plan because of the coalition with SLFP-Eran

State Minister of Finance Eran Wickramaratne says the current UNP government could not execute all its plans in the last four years because they were in a coalition with the SLFP.

“In the Combined government no one could take lone decisions, so UNP could not completely execute its plans,” he said.

Hd told reporters this morning (30 Oct), that it was the first time after 25 years the UNP ministers at least could do some work through the combined government.

He also added that the UNP could only execute its plans after taking full control in Jan 2019 after the constitutional crisis of last year ended.

He added that it was shameful that Mahinda Rajapaksa agreed to accept the Premiership in a constitutional coup after being the highest in the land.

He also said that the reason for imposing term limits for high office is done to in most countries is to give new people the opportunity to govern in a constantly evolving world. 

He also added that since Sajith Premadasa is a person who dedicates himself to work the ministers under his administration would also have to work like him.

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