UNP MP invites SLFP to join the alliance in the parliamentary election

United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Harshana Rajakaruna said that his party invites the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) to join the alliance led by UNP in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Rajakaruna told reporters this morning that the SLFP did a mistake by deciding not to render their support to Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa at the previously held presidential election.

“The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) had earlier promised the SLFP to give thirty per cent of the seats when giving nominations for the parliament but now they have refused to give that. The mistake SLFP did was not giving their support to Sajith Premadasa,” Rajakaruna said.

The MP recalled that when SLFP decided to support SLPP during the presidential election the people jeered at them at election rallies.

“Had the SLFP decided to support UNP, we would have eagerly welcomed them. We are sorry to see how the SLFP is going behind SLPP in this manner,”

“Therefore, we invite the SLFP to join our alliance to contest for the upcoming parliamentary election,” the MP added.

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