UNP: Sajith calls for a united approach to fight Parliamentary poll

Sajith Premadasa is likely to drop the NDF tag and try a new name

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa is saying that a united approach will be adopted in the journey towards victory at the upcoming Parliamentary General Election where no-one will be left behind.

“Unity is our strength through which we can go towards victory, but unity should be there merely for the namesake, it must be a progressive unity that will be the way forward,” he said.

Premadasa was speaking at a meeting held with local councillors representing the United National Front yesterday, January 26, in Colombo.

Premadasa said that in his meetings held all around the country after the presidential election the people wanted the party and the alliance to learn from its the past mistakes and go to the general election with a new image and a vision.

He also said that the double standard politics or deal politics of saying one thing to people while making deals to safeguard oneself will not be tolerated anymore by the party, the alliance or the country.

Also, he said that internal democracy in the party should be ensured to get the ideas and proposals from different levels in the party to create a new vision.

However, he said that a new method should be established where everyone in the party should be able to remove the leadership if their methods are not good to the party as the party is not written solely to any person or groups forever.

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