UNP will move forward resolving the internal conflict – Akila Viraj

United National Party (UNP) General Secretary MP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said that the party will move forward resolving its internal issues with the objective of securing a majority of parliamentary seats in the upcoming general election.

Addressing the media at Sirikotha this afternoon (19), Kariyawasam said that although the opinions of the party members may differ, the UNP will try to resolve problems through discussions and face the parliamentary election.

“There are different opinions. At present we have given the Leader of the Opposition position to Sajith Premadasa. Some politicians even express their personal opinions but we try not to have any conflict and discuss the problems and unite everyone. Unity is what is most important to us.  The Government is trying to repress us, therefore, we try to be united and be fair to everyone. Our objective is to secure a majority of seats in the parliamentary election,”

Commenting further, UNP General Secretary said that following an election defeat, problems would arise in any political party.

“I always say that victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan.  You might remember how many problems arose in UPFA (United People’s Freedom Alliance) when they got defeated back in 2015. But they were able to form a government again. Therefore, UNP also has the ability to face the problems and move forward. We are a strong party. We have to create the atmosphere to win the election as soon as possible,” Kariyawasam added.

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