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US networks refuse to broadcast Trump’s latest false claims, twitter flags

ECONOMYNEXT – Major US networks had cut off President Donald Trump from a While House press conference claiming voter fraud, though it was carried in full CNN and Fox News as Democratic challenger Joe Biden is leading in votes counted so far.

ABC, CBS NBC, CNBC, MSNBC had cut-way from his speech, reports said.

CNN commentators called the speech ‘pathetic’ as Trump walked away without taking questions, while others called it Trump’s ‘most dishonest speech ever’.

Donald Trump, a nationalist, alledged fraud in Detroit and Philadelphia where large number of black voters live.

Trump is claiming that postal (mail-in) votes are ‘illegal’.

The Trump campaign has also launched several legal challenges. Twitter.com flagged several of his tweets as misleading or disputed.

Trump has consistently spread falsehoods, conspiracy theories, using the media, which tend to first carry the statements from public figures and question them later. By repeating lies often non-issues are kept alive.

“Trump’s lies work!,” Washington post columnist Greg Sargent wrote. “Their sheer relentlessness has mesmerized voters into distrusting all legitimate sources of authority!

“Trump’s reality-bending mysticism has reduced us to a nation of epistemic zombies, rendering accountability impossible.”

He said Stephen K. Bannon a former strategist had explained that the way to deal with media questioning false claims was to relentlessly to push large numbers of false claims.





“And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with sh-t,” Bannon had said.

The tactic is related to a logical fallacy called ‘straw man’ which involve non-existent issues or positions in an argument, which is then attacked.

Democrats had urged their supporters to mail in votes to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, while Trump urged his supporters to vote in person.

Biden has reclaimed Michigan and Wisconsin, former ‘Blue Wall’ Democratic strongholds which went to Trump in 2016. (Colombo/Nov06/2020)

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