Vietnam re-deploys Coronavirus controls after second Covid-19 patient found – Update II

ECONOMYNEXT – Vietnam has started to deploy a series anti-Coronavirus measures after the health ministry reported a second Covid-19 patient on July 26, after a gap of over 100 days and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered tighter border security to stop illegal entrants.

Patient number 418, a 61 year old male had been confirmed on the night of July 25 at Da Nang hospital and is undergoing mechanical ventilation.

Da Nang ordered social distancing for the next two weeks and asked domestic tourists not to come to the city, which is a popular holiday destination. Civil aviation authorities has allowed airlines to operate as many extra flights as possible to carry out holiday makers.

The Southern capital of Ho Chi Minh City asked all returning resident to register. Hospitals across HCMC was ordered to test all patients with respiratory systems.

The patient had been in Da Nang for the past month, Vietnam’s TouiTre newspaper said. He had been admitted to the Hai Chau hospital on July 18. Only July 11 he had visited a private clinic to get treatment for a cough. He was transferred to Da Nang hospital on July 23.

There were no reports of the index patient from whom the infection came.

Patient number 418 is not one of the identified contacts patient number 416, a 57-year old confirmed earlier in the week also in Da Nang after nearly 100 days of no cases in the community.

Authorities had isolated over 1000 first and second contacts of patient 418. All contacts tested up to July 25 were negative.

The discovery of two patients after 99 days of no patients in the community has raised concerns over the presence of more patients in the community.

Vietnam has been perhaps the most successful country in the world in tackling the disease with around 300 domestic patients and no deaths until the discover of the two patients.





Only a small share of infections reach the stage of pneumonia like symptoms of lung infection, with the diseases being limited to the upper respiratory tract in most younger patients with strong immunity raising concerns of more patients in the community.

Vietnam has seen several persons coming on foot across the border from China, Laos and Cambodia in recent weeks and authorities have also busted a racket making fake identification papers for foreigners.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has ordered tighter border controls, while urging calm, Family and Health, a news portal linked the health ministry said.

Though domestic spread of the disease was controlled earlier in the year, the National Committee in preventing Covid transmission said due to the rising disease in the rest of the world the risk of outside transmission into Vietnam is still very high.

Prime Minister asked borders to be watched closely to prevent illegal entry and had requested the Ministry of Public Security to prosecute illegal trafficking.

Health facilities in Da Nang had been strengthened.

Patient Number 57 had been placed on Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation, where blood is taken out of the body, flushed with oxygen and pumped back into the body, through a heart lung style machine, a report said.

A team from Ho Chi Minh’s Choy Ray hospital, including a nurse where the most serious patients were treated had been treated had been sent to Da Nang hospital.

Reportedly, on the afternoon of 25/7, this rapid response team was present in Da Nang to support the treatment of patients COVID-19 No. 416. The resuscitation team consisted of Dr.

Doctors Tran Thanh Linh – Deputy Head of Department of Rehabilitation Emergency who treated Patient 91, a Bitish pilot, Ngo Viet Anh and nurse Nguyen Van Hai are in the team, the report said. (Colombo/July26/2020)

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