Violence in the name of religion must be opposed – Sri Lankan envoy

Sri Lankan Ambassador to the Netherlands A.M.J Sadiq is stressing the importance of collective efforts to oppose the use of religion to justify violence and extremism.

Speaking at a International Counter-Terrorism Conference last week, Sadiq strongly denounced the Easter Sunday carnage, which he said was a ‘rude shock’ to all Sri Lankans and ‘outraged the conscience of the world for its sheer barbarity. ‘

Islam literally means “Peace” and is a religion of moderation. Therefore, associating Islam with extremism or terrorism is downright wrong, just as much as linking the cold-blooded slaughter of 51 Muslims attending Jummah prayers on Friday, 15th March this year at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand with Christianity,” he said.

Sadiq further said that the Sri Lankan authorities have been successful in apprehending the members of the local terror network.

He pointed out that the whole international community is facing the challenge of combatting terrorism and extremist ideologies which motivate the so-called ‘Muslims’  to kill innocent people.

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