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Visa regime for Maldives liberalized

Sri Lanka and the Maldives signed three Memoranda of Understanding including a further liberalizing of Visa facilities between the two countries.

Under the new agreement, nationals of both countries wanting to do business in each other’s countries can be granted multiple entry non-resident business visas thereby facilitating commercial engagements and private sector collaboration.

The new agreement also proposes that multiple-entry visas would be granted for Maldivian students enrolled in Sri Lankan educational institutions as well as their parents and legal guardians.

An MoU on Cooperation in the area of Social Protection between the two countries to help promote cooperation between the two countries in terms of providing support to and protecting vulnerable members of society, including children, the elderly and persons with disabilities was also signed

A third Memorandum on Higher Education under which the Maldives and Sri Lanka will pursue expanding education opportunities for students of both countries, whilst also sharing knowledge and expertise pertinent to the water sector was also signed.

Another MOU on Vocational Training and Youth Development, was signed with a view towards increasing knowledge and experience sharing pertinent to helping youth develop their social and leadership skills. This will also facilitate cultural exchanges between the students of both countries and training for both countries’ academics.

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