Votes tilts towards exit, England, Wales vote for Brexit; Scotland, Ireland stay – Update

ECONOMYNEXT – Early results from Britain’s Brexit referendum on whether to stay in the EU showed  England and Wales voting to exit while Scotland and Ireland were voting to stay as the exit camp showed signs of winning.

Exit polls showed that Britain would vote to stay, though heavy rains and flooding marred the polls, Early results showed a tight race. With over 70 percent of the votes counted, Brexit was leading.

Live update of Brexit results

UK Prime Minister David Cameron campaigned to remain, while some of his cabinet colleagues pushed for an exit. Though Eurosceptic members wrote a letter asking him to stay even if the country votes for Brexit, it is widely expected that he will step down.

If Britain votes to stay, analysts expects a ‘two track’ Europe. Immigration fears are driving Brexit fears, with the nationalist UKIP campaigning heavily to leave.

UKIP leaders had earlier conceded defeat is some speeches based on exit polls.


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