Watch out for fraudsters, Fin Min warns Enterprise SL loan applicants

The Ministry of Finance today (31) issued a statement warning of organised fraudsters attempting to swindle Enterprise Sri Lanka-loan applicants.

Several organised groups of fraudsters have sent letters bearing the Finance Ministry letterhead to individuals and institutions claiming that their Enterprise Sri Lanka loans have been approved, the Ministry said in a statement today (31).

In their forged loan-approval letters, these groups have allegedly requested individuals and institutions seeking interest-relief loans under the Enterprise Sri Lanka programme to pay a certain percentage of the expected loan amount in order to release the loan in full.

“This Ministry already is in possession of evidence that proves a group including an individual named Jayampathi Karunamuni who is posing as the Director of the Clearance Unit of Loans of the Development Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance and another individual posing as Chandra Jayasinghe have sent these fraudulent letters. There is no such division in the Ministry of Finance,” the Ministry said.

Under the loan scheme, only loan applications are registered by the Ministry of Finance, said the Ministry, adding that it neither releases loans nor makes recommendations for any expectant.

The Ministry also reiterated that it does not charge any money for its role in this regard. “The loans under Enterprise Sri Lanka are granted by State and Private Commercial Banks only. Therefore, the general public is requested to negotiate only with the permanent staff that are serving in the premises of the respective commercial banks with regard to obtaining loans.”

The Ministry requests the public to report any fraudulent individuals or groups to the nearest police station in the event of any demands for money claiming loan approval.

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