Wave of Islamophobia likely after election – Mahesh

Presidential hopeful General Mahesh Senanayake has warned of a “wave” of in anti-Muslim sentiment in the country in the wake of the coming election.

In an interview given to BBC Sinhala on Monday (11), Gen. Senanayake said the wave of Islamophobia that erupted on social media following the Easter Sunday attacks has now ceased. If there is real religious tension in the country, he said, how did it suddenly stop the moment the presidential election was announced?

“Those who did that, who continue to do it are running for office this election. That’s why it has stopped. It will recommence come 17 November, I have to say,” he told the BBC.

“This and Zaharan’s incident are two separate things. If [the Easter attack] was an act of terrorism or extremism, what happened in May was political terrorism. It has now stopped. This is because he is running for office,” added Gen. Senananayake, though neither he nor BBC Sinhala clarified who he meant by ‘he’.

Click here for the full interview.

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