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We are no more a country with a low income-PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that Sri Lanka is no more a country with low income but a country considered as being a middle-income country.

Premier said this addressing the gathering at the opening ceremony of the Shilpasena Exposition today (18) at the BMICH.

Further, he said that today science and technology has become important as world leaders like America live through technology and not by production.

He also said that even in the Anuradhapura Era rulers valued the technical and engineering knowledge of the Sri Lankans and that helped construct tanks and dagabas.

Wickremesinghe also said that if the country is to go forward we need science and technology.

“We have huge shortcomings in our education system, we took the basic steps to fill those shortcomings by providing teachers and buildings,” he said.

Prime minister also said that they have given tabs and computers to grade 12 students of some national schools as a pilot project and also provided wifi to schools under the Westeren Provincial council.

He also said that he had spoken to the Vice-Chancellors of the Moratuwa and Peradeniya University to encourage at least 20,000 first degree holders and 10,000 postgraduates to remain in Sri Lanka as the development of technical and other institutes rely on the products of these two Universities.

“We need the critical mass, without the critical mass we cannot get ahead,” he added.

He also said “Information Technology is not sufficient for us to move forward, but we also need Artificial Intelligence, Disruptive technology and Blockchain for that,”





Further, he said that we should go for Industrial revolution four and should try to divide our economy to be based on exports and science and technology.

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