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We are not here to catch thieves-Amaraweera

Minister of Passenger Transport Management, Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera says that the present government has not undertaken the task of catching the thieves of the previous government as there are other institutions to do that work.

He added that the ministers of the previous government made a mistake by coming to power claiming to catch wrongdoers but they did not work for the public. 

“Minister should not be spending their time hunting down wrongdoers of the previous administration. There are other institutions that do that,” he said.

“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has instructed us to carry out duties assigned to ministers, and we will do that. Therefore, we will not screw up like the previous government by complicating our duties instead of working for the people,” he went on to say.

He made these comments yesterday (16 Dec) participating at a meeting held at Lanka Electricity Company (LECO).

Amaraweera also said that although UNP ruled the country for nearly five years, they did not have a proper program to win the hearts of people,

“I think they don’t know how to run a government. Maybe it’s because of the habit of being in the opposition for a long time. Running Governments is an art. The UNP can learn that from our government if they want,” he added.

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