Weather warning issued as Low-Pressure system develops in the Bay of Bengal

ECONOMYNEXT – The Meteorological Department is issuing a warning that bad weather will prevail over the next 48 hours in the seas off the East Coast of the island and has advised Naval and Fishing vessels to refrain from sailing eastwards until further notice.

The bad weather is caused by a low-pressure area developing in the Bay of Bengal to the east of the island and which is likely to grow into a depression a notice issued by the Met Department said today.

“Those who are out at sea over the region are advised to return to coasts or move to safe areas immediately,” the notice said.

The department also asked sailors to monitor further notices.

Studies done recently by Indian scientists as well as the International Water Management Institute in Colombo have noted that in 2019 there were 27 such low-pressure systems.

This is nearly double the average of 15 such systems a year the studies noted.

Some scientists believe that this phenomenon, usually caused by rising sea temperatures, is another sign of global warming. (Colombo, November 28, 2020)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana

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