Website launched to combat cyberbullying

A new website called “Hithawathi” or “Confidante” to combat cyberbullying was launched at the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) on Tuesday (02nd July 2019).

Its is initiated by LK domain registry and supported by Facebook.

“Hithawathi – Your Confidante” is a project intended for victims of cyber-bullying in Sri Lanka by the community members of Internet Society – Sri Lanka Chapter (ISOC-LK) and LK Domain Registry (LKDR).

‘Hithawathi’ is a Supporter and a Counselor to all Internet users, especially minors and women. The project helps to educate users on recognizing incidents related to Cyber harassment, Cyber stalking, Cyber blackmailing and Cyber bullying. 

Moreover, the project makes the users aware of methods to prevent such circumstances and helps combat such incidents.

Hithawathi conducts several workshops, awareness campaigns under the direction of a former President of ISOC-LK, Sagarika Wckramasekara.

The project was initiated in 2014 with a simple blog, “” and went on to start its own website.

More details can be followed on the website:

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