Wife of Sri Lanka former minister arrested over passport fraud

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s police Sunday arrested the wife of former Housing minister Wimal Weerawansa on a charge of providing false information to obtain two passports, spokesman Ajith Rohana said.

Weerawansa’s wife, Seerja Udayanth, alia Sashi, aged somewhere between 44 and 48 years according to information she had provided, was taken into custody by the Criminal Investigations Department at a private hospital in Malabe.

She is accused of providing conflicting dates of birth when obtaining passports, first an ordinary travel document and later a diplomatic passport.

Also in the birth certificates of their children, the Weerawansas have given three birth days for Seerja Weerawansa. The first date of birth is February 1st, 1967, then 1st February 1971 and 3rd February 1971.

Similarly, Weerawansa’s age has also been fluctuating. When he married Seerja in 1996, his age was given as 26 years. This could be correct on the basis that his date of birth is given as March 7, 1970.

However, when their first child was born, the birth certificate of the child, Vibhuthi Vishvajith, says Weerawansa’s date of birth was 7th March 1965.

It is possible that he felt five years older after living with his wife Seerja who had also later changed her name to Shehasha by the time she gets a diplomatic passport in 2010.

Police are yet to take action against Weerawansa over his own alterations of his birth documents.

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