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Friday June 18th, 2021
Wild Life

Song Sung Blue*

Why Are Creation’s Biggest Animals Crooning Flatter Year by Year? Blue Whale Mating Call Mystery.

2 minutes

Elephant Facebook: How Sri Lanka is bridging conservation and ecotourism

A project to identify and name individual elephants augments scientific understanding of elephant lives while also paving the way towar...

8 min read

Spot Spotting: Taking the lead on Sri Lankan leopard learning

Early morning, late September, dense high-tree jungle, Willpattu National Park. We’re here in search of the Sri Lankan leopard, but we’re not ...

9 min read


The Killing Machines - Poaching and Its Devastating Impact on Sri Lanka’s Wildlife

There is a certain pride and poise to the old poacher as he poses with his homemade gun assembled from a steering rod of a Morris Minor car and the ir...

13 min read

President orders a solution for the Human-Elephant conflict be found in two-years

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has asked officials to find a solution to the perennial Human-Elephant conflict in two years’ time.

Tania Madies
Environmentalists protest against road construction in Sinharaja Forest

The Centre for Environment and Nature Studies (CENS) in Sri Lanka, is protesting against the construction of a road in the buffer zone and inside the ...

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