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Will contest independently if UNP refuses nominations – Ranjan

United National Party (UNP) parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake will contest next year’s general elections as an independent candidate if the party decides not to give him nominations, the MP told reporters today.

It is up to the people to vote for him and send him to Parliament, said Ramanayake, adding that if the people decide he’s no longer wanted, he will go home and continue his acting career.

Referring to speculation that the UNP might not give him nominations at the upcoming parliamentary elections, the MP said he had done nothing wrong to deserve that kind of treatment from the party.

All he ever did, he said, was tell the truth and stand up against injustice without a thought for any consequences.

Ramanayake went on to say that the party, following its defeat the presidential election, had blamed him for insulting some Buddhist Monks.

However, he was vindicated when the monk he had accused of allegedly molesting two novice monks was remanded. This, he said, proved that he wasn’t making baseless allegations.

Ramanayake also claimed that he had files on all in corrupt MPs in both the Government and the Opposition, adding that he is prepared to produce them in court if President Gotabaya Rajapaksa wishes to pursue legal action against them.

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