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Will hold international aid conventions in North and East-Sajith

NDF Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa told a rally Jaffna this evening (8 Nov) that he will hold two international aid conventions to accelerate development for the Eastern and Northern Provinces.

These he said will accelerate development in these regions which were badly affected due to the war.

Further, he said he will eliminate racism, communal disharmony, religious extremism and religious disharmony.

He said he will seek to create equality by enacting one law which will treat everybody equally where everyone can live united regardless of the ethnicities or castes.

Premadasa also said that he will create technical colleges and technology parks in each of the 15 divisional secretariats in Jaffna district where the colleges would provide education in bio-Technology, information technology, computer science and digital technology.

He promisee to provide seed money to graduates to start their own businesses in the technology parks.

He also said that he hopes to give full attention to all the sectors in Jaffna district including road facilities, infrastructure, water, cultural centres, sports, tourism sector, fishery sector, land and house problems as the president of the country after 16 Nov.

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