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Workers hired for Central Cultural Fund not required – CCF Secretary

Secretary of the Central Cultural Fund (CCF)  Bandula Harischandra said that an unrequired number of workers have been recruited to work for the CCF under the previous government. 

Addressing the media in Colombo last Friday, Harishchandra said that the CCF has seen a huge downfall in the recent past. 

“There is an Act regarding the CCF and it clearly states that the Fund should be administered by a board of administration. During the previous government that Board hasn’t met properly, ” he said. 

“A large number of people have been recruited in the past without the decision of the Board and they do not even have enough work,” Harishchandra added. 

Commenting further, the CCF Secretary noted that there have been various shortcomings in handling the fund during the years 2016 to 2019. 

“According to the information we have, the fund has a debt of Rs 1600 million for some state organizations and private sector organizations that provided construction services at present. Now we are in the process of finding out the exact numbers,” Harishchandra added.  (Colombo February 3, 2020)

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