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Monday December 6th, 2021

Sri Lanka wins special award for pesticide control, suicide prevention

Sri Lanka has won a special award along with the Philippines and Colombia.

5 min read

“Happy” Bhutan threatened by climate change and geopolitics

Bhutan, ever on the pursuit of happiness, is threatened by global warming and the India-China tussle, experts say

5 min read

NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves the region nervous

The vacuummay create an opening for China to step in

5 min read

World's largest iceberg breaks off from Antarctica: reports

The break-off is part of the natural cycle and since it’s a floating ice shelf it will not cause sea levels to rise.

5 min read

South Asia immigration barriers hindering industrial hub potential

It is not that the region is lacking in natural and human resources, both skilled and unskilled

Time to build upon the COVID dividend in South Asia education

Teachers upgrade skills on their own with private sector support

Major impact on education by Covid on South Asian kids

Neighbours India and Pakistan are experiencing the impact Covid 19 has had on their education systems very differently.

Kshama Ranawana

6 min read

First Sri Lankans to be vaccinated against Covid 19 will be MPs probably on Feb 4

India’s Serum Institute’s version of the Astro-Zeneca Oxford Vaccine is being shipped free to us by India as part of...

3 min read


Sri Lanka, Maldives youth to get new skills to counter hate speech in social media

Social media influencers in Sri Lanka and the Maldives who are countering online hate could sharpen their skills in a pr...

2 min read

India will hold Sri Lanka to its commitments on reconciliation

Indian External Affairs Minister tells Virakesari that Sri Lanka has promised to work towards realizing the expectations...

4 min read

Trump concedes election after Congress certifies Biden’s win

United States President Donald Trump is stepping down and has pledged to an orderly transfer of power to President-elect...

2 min read

World leaders condemn 'assault on democracy' at US Capitol

World leaders and governments on Wednesday expressed shock and outrage at the storming of the US Capitol in Washington b...

5 min read

Four dead in Washington violence - Police

At least four people are dead in the violent incidents seen in the United States capital Washington where the legislativ...

2 min read

Trump nationalists storm US capitol, world leaders condemn violence

Supporters of US President Donald Trump, a nationalist backed by sections of the religious establishment stormed the US ...

1 min read

India’s economic recovery will benefit Sri Lanka – Dr Jaishankar

India’s Covid numbers have come down sharply and with vaccination in sight, India’s economic recovery will be “ful...

3 min read

Sri Lanka has asked India for Covid 19 vaccines - Indian FM

Sri Lanka has conveyed its interest in accessing COVID-19 vaccines from India, Delhi’s top envoy External Affairs Mini...

2 min read

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Indian Foreign Minister here tomorrow for talks

India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr S. Jaishankar will be the first high-profile guest of the government this year a...

1 min read

“In business there should be no difference between women and men”

Women entrepreneurs from several South Asian countries say investors should not differentiate between the genders of bus...

Kshama Ranawana

7 min read

WHO team in China to find out the origin of Covid 19

A World Health Organization (WHO) research mission is expected to arrive in Wuhan, China next month to investigate how t...

3 min read

India asks MR to lead a regional initiative on Covid economic recovery

An Indian envoy has urged the Sri Lankan Prime Minister to initiate a discussion among countries in the region to develo...

2 min read

Kamala Harris of South Asia, Jamaica descent US Vice-President

Kamala Devi Harris, daughter of a Tamil Nadu, India migrant who sent to study at University of Berkeley California and B...

3 min read

Joe Biden clinches US presidency; Trump yet to acknowledge result

Former US Vice President and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States ea...

1 min read

Joe Biden US President, Kamala Devi Harris first woman Vice President

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States with Philadelphia projected for him by As...

2 min read

Joe Biden inches closer to US Presidency, air, ground security tightened

Democratic candidate Joe Biden inched closer to victory in the US Presidential race as he took lead in Pennsylvania and ...

3 min read

US networks refuse to broadcast Trump's latest false claims, twitter flags

Major US networks had cut off President Donald Trump's White House from the While House claiming voter fraud, though it ...

2 min read

Biden leads in US Presidential race, Trump peddles conspiracy amid Fox drama

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in votes counted so far with US networks projecting 253 Electoral College dele...

2 min read