Wuhan students will go home today

FILE PHOTO – Students from Wuhan arrivng at Qurantine facilties in Diyatalawa. All students from South Asia also now in Quarantine

ECONOMYNEXT-The thirty-three Sri Lankan students who were rescued from Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak will go home today February 14, 2020, Army spokesman Brigadier Chandana Wickramasinghe told EconomyNext.

“They have left the Diyatalawa Army camp in the Morning, they are on their way,” Wickramasinghe said. 

“They are first going to the Akuregoda Army headquarters to meet the Army Commander Lt General Shavendra Silva at 5;00 pm,” he added.

“We have not planned any media briefing with the students because they have requested us not to personalize this matter,” Wickramasinghe said.

The students were quarantined in the Diyatalawa Army camp after coming to Sri Lanka two weeks ago.

After the mandatory 14 days of quarantine, none of the students or family members at Diyatalawa camp have shown any symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus.

“After the meeting with the commander, all the students will disperse,” Wickramasinghe said.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reports said the Chinese health officials had already reported 1,367 deaths from the deadly virus.

 Nationwide, in China, there are 5,090 new cases pushing the total number sick from this disease to nearly 65,000 on Friday.

At least 25 countries have confirmed cases and several nations have evacuated their citizens from Hubei. Three deaths have been recorded outside mainland China, one in Hong Kong, one in the Philippines, and the most recent in Japan.





Vietnam has ordered a lockdown on a community of 10,000 residents northwest of the capital Hanoi, becoming the first location outside of China to have ordered a quarantine for at least 20 days. (Colombo/ Feb 14/ 2020)

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