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Monday July 26th, 2021

New online laws will threaten Media freedom says FMM

The Free Media Movement (FMM) is calling on the Media Community to take concerted action to prevent the enactment of law...

3 min read

Young Journalists renew appeal to safeguard poet Ahnaf Jazeem

The Young Journalists Association (YJA) is renewing its appeal to the authorities to intervene in the case of young Poet...

3 min read

Effects and implications of the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka explained

The result of the passing of a resolution concerning Sri Lanka in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Commission (...

3 min read

Dinesh claims Global South sent important message over Sri Lanka resolution

The member countries of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) from the Global South sent a message by voting against or ab...

3 min read

Sri Lanka loses vote at UN Human Rights Council

A Resolution against Sri Lanka has passed in the United Nations Human Rights Council, but Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister...

Sri Lanka loses vote at UN Human Rights Council

Sri Lanka lost the vote at the United Nations Human Rights Council with 21 members voting for the Resolution calling for...

Sri Lanka lobbying Muslim countries ahead of crucial Geneva vote

Sri Lanka has ramped up contacts with Islamic countries as the vote on the Resolution against the island nation at the U...

2 min read

Azath Salley arrested and detained under PTA and ICCPR – AG’s Dept.

Former Governor of the Western Province Azath Salley has been arrested on the orders of the Attorney General, the AG’s...

2 min read

Leading the Nation through inclusion, equality and educational reforms

Ten women, academics, professionals, activists and sportswomen were invited to speak for ten minutes at a March 8 event ...

Kshama Ranawana

10 min read

FMM calls the Press Council flawed and wants it abolished not restructured

The Free Media Movement (FMM) is calling for the abolishing of the Press Council and has vehemently opposed the governme...

3 min read

“Your ‘Sri Lankanness’ will not be reduced to one aspect of your identity.”

On March 8, International Women’s Day the Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom invited ten selected women to say w...

Sarah Kabir

7 min read

Invitation for Myanmar: All BIMSTEC members have to be invited says Colambage

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena has become the newest villain for Myanmarese fighting for democracy in...

2 min read

The often futile quest for Justice in Sri Lanka affects all

Justice is central to the Christian faith and I hope that at least now, Sinhalese and Tamil Catholics can support each o...

Ruki Fernando

9 min read


UN condemns use of force by Myanmar on democracy activists

The United Nations and world leaders have strongly criticised the Military junta ruling Myanmar for using “lethal forc...

3 min read

Pressure grows on Sri Lanka in Geneva over Human Rights issues

Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena rejected the assertions of the High Commissioner warning member states that this int...

3 min read

Dinesh asks the Human Rights Council to hold the scales even

At the Human Rights Council in Geneva Sri Lanka is faced with a hostile resolution to ensure the prompt, thorough and im...

4 min read

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Truth, In The Face Of Cremation

Muslims and even Christians wait with bated breath to see if Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit would result in...

By Hilmy Ahamed – Vice President Muslim Council of Sri Lanka

11 min read


A new Constitution created by a weakened legislature will not be acceptable

A new constitution cannot be created through an ineffectual legislature as the legitimacy of such a Constitution will no...

3 min read

Leading Buddhist Monks demand action against Justice Minister

Eleven leading Buddhist Monks have written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa asking him to take action regarding a stateme...

3 min read


Sri Lanka’s Human Rights situation will come under the microscope at UNHRC

This week the UN Human Rights Commission will examine the “deteriorating Human Rights situation in Sri Lanka,” but m...

3 min read


If we Sri Lankans resolve minority issues ourselves the world will support us

If the government and opposition leaderships are united in their resolve to address the grievances of the ethnic and rel...

Dr. Jehan Perera - Executive Director National Peace Council

6 min read

Burial of Muslim victims of Covid: “PM was expressing his personal opinion” - Gammanpila

The Co-Cabinet spokesman Minister Udaya Gammanpila says Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was only indicating his private...

3 min read

Sumanthiran says Minister Weerasekara is responsible if he is harmed

TNA veteran and lawyer M A Sumanthiran says he is under threat and should not have had his Commando guards removed

Imesh Ranasinghe

5 min read

Organizers of the P2P march claim resounding success as Muslims join Tamils

Batticaloa Member of Parliament from the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi Rasamanickam Shanakyan, one of the leaders of the ma...

3 min read


FMM calls Myanmar coup a deathblow to democracy

Sri Lanka’s Free Media Movement (FMM) is strongly condemning the military coup in Myanmar calling it an “outrageous ...

2 min read

Its Independence Day and what have we got

Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict is not a shooting war anymore but long-standing issues remain unresolved

Arjuna Ranawana

7 min read

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